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Certificate Occupancy Commercial

The day the final inspection is scheduled, the CO route is started for that project. The Building Office requires unconditional approval from all other departments prior to issuance of a CO. The following is a breakdown of items that are reviewed by each department before a CO is issued. The CO can be obtained through the IVRS at (407) 742-0210, using option #5 or by clicking here to visit the "Permitting Center." 

Building Office

  • All required inspections must be in approved status on project permit.
  • All sub-contractor permits activity permits must be in final status.
  • All reinspection fees on project and sub-contractor permits must be paid in full.
  • Termite certificates must be on file with the Building Office.
  • If project is a Threshold Building, signed and sealed threshold reports must be on file before CO can be issued.
  • If the building has elevator, final approval from State of Florida must be on file with Building Office.

Impact Fees

  • Verifies that all impact fees have been paid, including: school, fire, park, transportation, fire rescue and solid waste fees if applicable.
  • Note: fire rescue and solid waste fees are not assessed until the permit is routed for a CO.


  • All required inspections for any Utility / Right of Way Utilization permits on project must have approved finals.
  • All required inspections for ESP or CEP permits must have approved finals.
  • If a tenant build-out, must have approved finals on shell building.
  • If in a flood zone, elevation certificate must be turned in prior to final approval.


  • Ensures that all landscaping requirements are met and verifies that adequate buffering is provided.

Fire Rescue

  • All required inspections are approved and all fees paid.
  • Reinspection fees must be paid in full.
  • All commercial buildings shall have a Fire Building Final inspection regardless of Sprinkler Systems or Fire Alarm Systems being installed.
  • All Hydrants are in service, approved, and properly painted with required clearances.
  • Must request building final inspection through IVRS this request is not automatic.


  • If the building is on well or septic the following is required:
    • Final approval required on system mound stabilized, alarm working electric required, house constructed, rain gutters installed, etc.
    • All reinspection fees must be paid.
    • Water sample results and well completion reports required on new wells drilled.
    • Also, check licensure on port-o-let companies and permit approval on holding tanks.


  • Verifies that the plat has been recorded when applicable and that all special conditions have been met.