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Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Completion can be issued after final inspection for specific permits on building or structures where there is no occupancy. A Certificate of Completion CC can be issued for projects other than those receiving a Certificate of Occupancy CO. The CC can be obtained through our Interactive Voice Response System IVRS by calling at 407-742-0210, by selecting option #5 same as CO from the main menu. There is no cost for a Certificate of Completion.

If you need assistance with inspection issues, please call 407-742-0200 or contact us via e-mail at


What is a Certificate of Completion?

A Certificate of Completion can be issued for the following permit types: shell buildings, vanilla shells, construction trailers, additions, demolitions, detached garages, exterior doors, fences, pools, sheds, screen rooms, vinyl siding, and window replacements.

Many of these permits are routed to other departments to ensure that their final requirements are met see Certificate of Occupancy Procedures. Upon final approval by all departments, the project is given a FINAL status and a Certificate of Completion can be obtained through our IVRS using option number 5.