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Electronic Plan Submission

Electronic Signatures

Florida Statutes and  Florida Administrative Code require Architects and Engineers to sign and seal documents and plans submitted for public records. There are specific provisions for electronic signatures within the Rules and Regulations. Architects and Engineers are responsible to meet the rules.

Click the links to the left for additional information to assist Architects and Engineers in meeting the guidelines.

File Name Requirements

Files must be named in accordance with the naming format shown below.

Discipline Names:

  • A = Architectural
  • C = Civil
  • D = Documents (all permitting documents, truss packets and truss drawings, etc.)
  • E = Electrical
  • F = Fire Protection
  • G = General (found on most commercial submissions)
  • H = Hardscapes
  • L = Landscapes
  • M = Mechanical
  • P = Plumbing
  • R = Reports (Geotech, Soils, etc.)
  • S = Structural
  • T = Telecommunications
  • X = Other Disciplines (Kitchen, Interior Design, etc.)

Example Names of Documents:

D01_Application P18-000018.pdf
D02_Site Plan.pdf
D03_Product Approvals.pdf
D04_Truss Packet.pdf

Example Names of Plan Sheets: