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Code Enforcement


Osceola County Code Enforcement exists to protect public health, safety and welfare, by enforcement and education of County Codes, Land Use Regulations and various Statutes. The department strives to achieve voluntary compliance while establishing a working partnership with the citizens of Osceola County and other government agencies.

Open For Business

Open For Business is a one-stop spot where local government permitting standards are made available.  Its mission is to facilitate faster, more efficient, and cost effective business start-ups by providing predictability, consistency, and time/money savings.

Vehicle For Hire (VFH)


To regulate and enforce the provisions of the Articles governing vehicle for hire service within the unincorporated Osceola County, to include but not limited to all Limousine or shuttle, Luxury Limousines, and Taxicab.


Per Chapter 7, section 1-6 of Osceola County Code Vehicle for Hire; any designated County Code Enforcement Officer or Law Enforcement Officer is authorized to investigate and enforce the provisions of the Articles governing Vehicle for Hire.

Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspections are conducted every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 9:00 am and 11:00 am with an appointment on the seventh floor of the parking garage. For taller vehicles please park on the surface street and take the elevator to the 7th floor for assistance. For vehicle inspection appointments please contact 407-742-0200.

Red-Light-Camera Citations

For any citizen that receives a Red Light Citation within Osceola County, prior to a UTC being issued, they can make payment by calling 1-866-225-8875 (24/7) or they can go to, and enter their Notice # and PIN. This will direct them to a secure page where they can view their video and images, as well as make a payment and download multiple forms (refund request, affidavit, and hearing request long-form). Once the UTC is issued, everything is still available on, except the option to make a payment. At that time they can make payment through the Clerk of Court.

View Red-Light Safety Camera Program Details