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Pet Hurricane Kit and Important Information to Help Pet Owners Prepare for Hurricane Season
Jun 6, 2017

Hurricane season is here and while most Floridians know to prepare a hurricane kit for themselves, sometimes making preparations for our pets can be an afterthought.

Osceola News Minute - EOC storm update 5 OCT 16 11 AM - Get Ready for Matthew!
Oct 5, 2016

Hurricane Matthew is working its way toward the Florida coastline. Chairwoman Viviana Janer and Osceola County's Emergency Management Director, Stephen Watts have an update on what effect this storm will have on our community as well as information on shelters, schools, the Lynx buses and other need to know information about the impending storm.

Osceola News Minute - Hurricane Drill for Strategic Response Team - April 28, 2016
Apr 29, 2016

Osceola County Office of Emergency Management conducted a Hurricane Drill for its Strategic Response Team (SRT) ahead of the Annual Statewide Hurricane Exercise, which will take place in May 2016. Emergency Management Director, Stephen Watts explains the purpose of this drill and why it is important for Osceola County citizens to begin to prepare now for the upcoming hurricane season.