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Hurricane Irma PSA - Recovery Phase Continues
Sep 15, 2017

Although things have calmed down at the Emergency Operations Center, there are still a lot of issues they are addressing.

After Hurricane Irma PSA - The recovery phase continues
Sep 12, 2017

Irma is long gone, but there is still work to do and your Emergency Management team is still hard at work taking care of the safety issues our citizens are currently facing.

Hurricane Irma PSA - CIC - Citizen Information Center - The Ones in Osceola County to Call
Sep 10, 2017

Second only to 911 in an emergency, the Citizen Information Center has been a hub of activity since standing up emergency operations in the Emergency Operations Center. By dialing 407 742-0000, you are put in touch with the County's operators who will try their best to assist you in resolving questions you have during this emergency.