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After the Storm


Hurricane Debris Collection

The Debris Hotline is 855-866-5650 and is being staffed 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • The county is working with a debris removal contractor for a bigger collection push that started Sunday (9/17). Collection is beginning in the areas of the greatest impact (generally the western portions of the county) and move through the county.
  • Hurricane debris should be placed as close to the Right-Of-Way as possible, but not on the ROW. Vegetative storm debris including tree limbs, branches, and other organic debris should always be separated from storm-related construction debris such as shingles and fencing. Do not place any debris or garbage by mailboxes or utility poles.
  • If you live in a gated (private) neighborhood, the county has determined that it will not be required to place the debris outside the neighborhood gates/walls. The debris can be left curbside for collection.
  • Free residential dropoff is available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Southport landfill site, 4400 Hunt Road, Kissimmee FL, 34746 and at 2350 Canoe Creek Road, St. Cloud FL, 34769. Vegetative and construction debris must be separated. Businesses will be turned away.

Residential Curbside Collection

  • Regular curbside collection is back on schedule. This includes collection of garbage, recycling and bags/bundles/containers of small yard waste materials (10 bag/50 lb. weight limit each).
  • Please DO not place garbage or yard waste in recycle carts.
  • Volumes will be heavy. Please be patient.

The Solid Waste Department can answer questions about regular curbside pickup at 407-742-7750.


Osceola County has waived permitting fees for repairs related to Hurricane Irma. Permits are still required.

For questions call community development at 407-742-0200. Contractors are encouraged to submit permit requests through or


Make sure to hire only licensed contractors for repair work. Here are some tips to use when hiring a contractor:

  • Avoid door-to-door solicitors.
  • Insist on references, a proper license, bonding and insurance. Check out credentials.
  • Make sure the contract can be broken if you don’t receive financing. Hire a contractor with a real office, not just a post office box address.

Download the free Department of Business & Professional Regulation Mobile app from the iTunes or Google Play app stores to verify licenses, view hotel and restaurant inspections, and report unlicensed activity. The DBPR website is

Health & Safety

Generators: Make sure to follow proper generator use precautions:

  • Follow the instructions that come with your generator. Never use a generator indoors or in partially enclosed spaces, including homes, garages, basements and crawl spaces – even those with partial ventilation. Never run a generator in areas where people or animals are present. Opening doors and windows or using fans will not prevent carbon monoxide build-up in the home. Place the generator away from open windows.
  • Carbon monoxide fumes emitted by gasoline engines can be fatal, often without the victims – especially those who are sleeping – ever realizing the danger.  If you start to feel sick, dizzy, or weak while using a generator, get to fresh air immediately.
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms inside your home to warn when carbon monoxide levels from any source pose a serious health risk.
  • Always connect the generator to appliances with heavy-duty extension cords.
  • Never store fuel for your generator in your house. Gasoline, propane, kerosene, and other flammable liquids should be stored outside of living areas in properly labeled, non-glass safety containers. Do not store them near a fuel-burning appliance, such as a natural gas water heater in a garage.

Mosquitoes & Standing water

Heavy rains and flooding can lead to an increase in mosquitoes because of standing water. Mosquitoes are most active at sunrise and sunset. Authorities will be working actively to control the spread of any diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

  • Clothing: It is important to wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered insect repellents with one of the following active ingredients: DEET, picaridin, IR3535, or oil of lemon eucalyptus or para-menthane-diol. Always follow the product label instructions.
  • At home: Stay in places with air conditioning and window and door screens to keep mosquitoes outside. Take steps to control mosquitoes inside and outside your home, known as “drain and cover.”

FEMA Assistance

There are multiple levels of federal assistance available through FEMA. Osceola County is on the list of Florida counties now eligible for individual assistance from the federal government.

More information is available at or by calling 800-621-3362. TTY service is available via 800-462-7585.

Have the following information ready when you apply:

  • Social Security number (one per household)
  • Address of the damaged home or apartment
  • Description of the damage
  • Information about insurance coverage
  • Telephone number
  • Mailing address
  • Bank account & routing numbers for direct deposit of funds

Disaster Recovery Center

FEMA will open Disaster Recovery Centers in the County. A Disaster Recovery Center is a readily accessible facility or mobile office where people may go for information about programs or other disaster assistance programs, and to ask questions related to their case.

Representatives from the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), volunteer groups and other agencies are at the centers to answer questions about disaster assistance and low-interest disaster loans for homeowners, renters and businesses. They can also help survivors apply for federal disaster assistance.

Recovery assistance:

Anyone interested in helping with recovery can make a donation through the Osceola REDI link on here. Residents needing assistant also can call 211 to connect with nonprofit organizations such as the United Way and the Red Cross.