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Commissioners Corner

Tune in here to find out what your County Commissioner is working on to help improve Osceola County.


Osceola News Minute - Farm Share Event in District 2 - July 21, 2017
Jul 26, 2017

Join District 2 Commissioner, Viviana Janer as she assists with handing out fresh farm vegetables and explaining what happens at a Farm Share event. Farm Share distributes more than 6 million household food packages - totaling 40 million pounds of food - each year to Florida families in need. More than 15 million pounds of fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables are trucked each year to participating community groups throughout Florida.

Commissioner Choudhry's June-August Message
Jul 6, 2017

Commissioner Peggy Choudhry, who represents Osceola County's District 1, invites you to make your way to one of her community meetings coming soon to a location near you. The meetings are called Connect Osceola. There have been several this year, and more meetings are planned in the future.

Commissioner Janer's June-August Message
Jul 6, 2017

Viviana Janer, Commissioner for Osceola County's District 2, would like for you to view video snippets from her recent Community update which was held at the Robert Guevara Community Center on June 21, 2017. Find out information about Transportation, Parks, Roads, Ponds, the new fire station and much, much more.