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Flood Threat Information

The Office of Emergency Management notifies the public in flooding threat matters based on criteria established by:

  • FEMA
  • Army Corp of Engineers
  • Osceola County Public Works Stormwater
  • South Florida Water Management District
  • National Weather Service River Forecast Center
  • Public request

Threat criteria exists in two stages. They are the action stage and flood stage. Action stage is established as a minimum of 1 foot below the established historical flood mark for a given area.

During the action stage, the Office of Emergency Management notifies the National Weather Service for consultation and evaluation that may result in public notification or warning dissemination. A WARNING is issued during the flood stage with conditions being imminent or occurring resulting in urgent mitigation measures.

In either case, The Office of Emergency Management notifies the public using:

  • Community Mass Notification (May-2012)
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS) – Emergency management notifies the State Watch Office and relays the verbiage as well as the alert request. (Local TV, Radio, Satellite and Cable providers)
  • Public Safety mobile alerting – Vehicles drive through the warned area
  • Internet Websites
  • NWS NOAA Weather Radio – Emergency Management messages the National Weather Service direct for specific warning purposes.

Evacuation from a potential flood inundation area occurs when the action stage alarm is sounded. Citizens must prepare to leave their residence ahead of the warning stage. Instructions are disseminated in the alert and warning process.

The attached map contains the recommended evacuation routes for Osceola County. All routes should be verified by the warned resident prior to departing. The verification process occurs by way of the alert message. Always be safe and remember – Turn Around Don't Drown!

When flood threats are announced, please visit the Osceola County Situation Map to find the location of the threats by clicking on "Situation Map" in the left column on this page. It can also be accessed directly by clicking this link. All evacuation maps will be located on this page.