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Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
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Expectations of the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

At a minimum, each AHAC shall submit a report to the local governing body that includes recommendations on, and triennially thereafter evaluates the implementation of, affordable housing incentives in the following areas:

  • The processing of approvals of development orders or permits, as defined in statute 163.3164(7) and (8), for affordable housing projects is expedited to a greater degree than other projects
  • The modification of impact-fee requirements including reduction or waiver of fees and alternative methods of fee payment for affordable housing
  • The allowance of flexibility in densities for affordable housing
  • The reservation of infrastructure capacity for housing for very-low income, low income, and moderate income persons
  • The allowance of affordable accessory residential units in residential zoning districts
  • The reduction of parking and set back requirements for affordable housing
  • The allowance of flexible lot configurations, including zero lot line configurations for affordable housing
  • The modification of street requirements for affordable housing
  • The establishment of a process by which a local government considers, before adoption, policies, procedures, ordinances, regulations, or plan provisions that increase the cost of housing
  • The preparation of a printed inventory of locally owned public lands suitable for affordable housing
  • The support of development near transportation hubs and major employment centers and mixed use developments