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Advisory Boards

Public participation in our governments decision-making process is a vital element of democracy. A number of advisory boards, authorities, commissions and committees have been established throughout the years by state legislature, federal regulations and resolutions or ordinances of the Board of County Commissioners.

Members of the boards are appointed by the County Commissioners based on education, training, experience and interest in a particular field. Most committees meet regularly and citizens are invited to attend these meetings.

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  • While applications are strongly encouraged, there is no guarantee that based solely on an application, an appointment will be made. The Board may take into consideration other elements when considering Board appointments.
  • Once an application is received, it will be forwarded to the Board for their consideration and potential appointment at a regularly scheduled Board meeting.
  • The Board may, at their discretion, make an appointment in which an application has not been completed. In such a case, the appointee will be asked to complete an application to be kept on file.
  • Applicants will be notified of their appointment and term via a letter from the Chairman within two weeks of the appointment.
  • Applicants will not be notified if they are not chosen.
  • Please check the board's website for current members, their terms, and vacancies.