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Regional Advisory Boards

Click any of the links below to learn more about the regional advisory boards that the Board of County Commissioners may appoint representatives to.

GOAA: Aviation Noise Abatement

The enabling legislation for the Aviation Noise Abatement Committee ANAC designates one seat on the board for a non-aviation related representative of Osceola County. ANAC makes recommendations for establishing noise abatement procedures and monitors their implementation and noise complaints.

Local Health Council of Central Florida

The purpose of the council is to provide effective health planning for the area and to promote development of health services, manpower, and facilities which meet identified health needs in a cost effective manner, reduce inefficiencies, and implement the area health plan.

School Board Business Advisory Board

The purpose of the School Board Business Advisory Board is to review and report on the capital outlay budget, particularly as it relates to the expenditures of school impact fee. They also review and report on issues and practices related to the fields of expertise represented on the board, such as site selection, construction, investments, purchasing, as requested by the superintendent or school board.

Tohopekaliga Water Authority Board of Supervisors

All members of the Board of Supervisors shall be rate payers and qualified electors of Osceola County or of the service area adjacent to Osceola County in which the District has been authorized to operate.

MetroPlan Transportation Technical Committee

The purpose of the Committee shall be to involve the citizens of the area in the transportation planning process by (1) assessing reaction to planning proposals and (2) providing comment to MetroPlan Orlando with respect to the concerns of various segments of the population in regard to their transportation needs.