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Standard Building Numbering

Ordinance #4-47, Section 8

All principal buildings shall have the assigned building number properly displayed, whether or not mail is delivered to such building. Numbers need not to be displayed on accessory buildings. Physical numbering shall conform to the following standards:

  • Numbers must be clearly visible and legible from the public or private way on which the building fronts with Arabic numerals not less than three (3) inches in height and one-half inch in width for commercial building.
  • Numbers must be in color contrasting to the building background.
  • Where applicable, easily legible numbers shall also be affixed to the mailbox serving the building or house.
  • Assigned numbers shall be displayed on the front entrance of each principal building and, in the case of a principal building which is occupied by more than one (1) business or family dwelling unit, on each separate front entrance.
  • Any different numbers which might be mistaken for or confused with the number assigned in accordance with the numbering system shall be removed upon proper display of the assigned number.