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Environmental Lands Conservation Program

Osceola County has taken steps to preserve the County's natural beauty and to ensure there will be natural lands and water resources for future generations.

The Environmental Lands Conservation Program was established to acquire and manage environmentally significant lands with a voter-endorsed ad valorem funding source. With this funding, the County was able to issue bonds to purchase nearly 3,300 acres of land for water resource protection, wildlife habitat, public green space, and resource-based passive recreation.

Bob Mindick currently serves as the County's Public Lands Manager, directing the management of environmentally significant lands for public use in Osceola County.

For more information about the Environmental Lands Conservation Program, contact Daniel Brockhaus, Public Lands Specialist, at 407-742-8664 or e-mail us at

Together, we can protect and preserve the natural beauty of Osceola County.

Mission Statement

To preserve the natural beauty of the county and to ensure that there will be natural lands and water resources for future generations.