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(as per Section 8.7C (7) of the Land Development Code)

  1. As-Built plans must be signed and sealed by a Professional Registered Surveyor.
  2. Show all boundary, right-of-way, easement and lot lines.
  3. Location, size, top and invert elevations for all inlets, stormwater and control structures.
  4. Match grade elevations.
  5. Invert and slopes of ditches, canals, swales as applicable.
  6. Berm elevations if applicable.
  7. Retention / Detention pond showing spot elevations at one-hundred foot intervals and low points, along top of the berm and sufficient bottom elevations to show conformance to design. Include side slopes, bottom elevation, top of banks, geometrical dimensions, location of out fall, top of weir, width, depth, top of box, invert and bleeder elevation.
  8. Off site Stormwater connection elevations if applicable.
  9. Roadway high and low elevations, including spot elevation at all point of vertical intersections (PVI) of center lane of roadway.
  10. Location of perimeter or retaining walls.
  11. Show location of all underdrain clean outs (if applicable).
  12. Any other information that may be deemed necessary by the Development Review Manager.