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Who Can Request a CPA?

CPAs for parcels of real property within Osceola County may be initiated by property owners or by agents of property owners by written consent.

CPAs not associated with specific parcels, which may include textual changes to a comprehensive plan element or where a change stands to affect large areas of the county, may be initiated by any interested party. Any type of text amendment may also be initiated by the Planning Commission, Board of County Commissioners or County staff.

To obtain County support, the applicant should demonstrate that the proposed comprehensive plan amendment CPA is consistent with the 2025 Osceola County Comprehensive Plan. Comprehensive plan amendment applications are decided by the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners upon recommendation by the Planning Commission and upon subsequent review by the Florida Department of Community Affairs Stand Land Planning Agency. Some applications may also require a rezoning, which can be processed concurrently with a CPA request.