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City of St. Cloud Rooftop Photovoltaic System and Solar Education Center


The Osceola Energy Initiative (OEI) was created by a partnership between Osceola County and the City of St. Cloud. The Osceola Energy Initiative is working to retrofit the City of St. Cloud City Hall building with a Solar Education Center which is planned to include real time interactive monitoring. The Solar Education Center will be located in the City Hall lobby which is directly adjacent to the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) customer service office. This education center will be available to all OUC customers, residents, of the City of St. Cloud, and all visitors of the City Hall building.

A 58 kW photovoltaic systems is planned to be installed on a City building rooftop. A rooftop photovoltaic system (PV) is a type of solar system that generates electricity using the solar radiation produced by sunlight. The amount of electricity produced is based on the amount of sunlight and the wattage of the PV station. The systems consist of modules also referred to as solar panels, an inverter, a charger and batteries. The PV modules generate direct current (DC) electricity and send it to the inverter; the inverter transforms the DC power into alternative current (AC) electricity which charges a series of batteries. The batteries can distribute and or store the electricity that is being generated. Read more about solar technology and other forms of renewable energy on the Department of Energy website.

Fun Facts

  • 1 kW (hr) is equal to 859,845 calories
  • 1 kW (hr) is equal to 1.34 horsepower (hr)
  • 1 kW (hr) is equal to 3,412 BTU's (British Thermal Units)