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Energy Efficient Finance Program EEFP

  • In partnership with the Osceola Energy Initiative (OEI), the Energy Efficient Finance Program (EEFP) will provide residents and businesses with access to low interest loans and energy efficient upgrades that are designed to give the individuals the greatest amount of savings for the least amount of investment. This will cause little to no net increase in the recipients out of pocket spending.
  • The low interest loans and options for energy efficient upgrades are currently scheduled to be available during the latter portion of this year.
  • ALL loan participants are required to attend a 3-hour course called "Save Money on Your Electric Bill" which will guide you to no cost, low cost, and some cost actions to save money on your electric bill every month at home. 
  • Residents that are qualified for the EEFP are recommended to complete a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Audit on their home, prior to and following the installation of the energy efficient upgrades. There is a limited number of these audits being allocated at no charge, other than the cost to "officially register" the rating. These ratings will verify that the energy efficient upgrades implemented achieved the desired savings.