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OEI Highlights

City of St. Cloud Rooftop Photovoltaic System

The Osceola Energy Initiative (OEI) was created by a partnership between Osceola County and the City of St. Cloud. The Osceola Energy Initiative is working to retrofit the City of St. Cloud City Hall building with a Solar Education Center which is planned to include real time interactive monitoring.

Taking Advantage of the Sun

In times where the US is seeking energy independence to avoid the rising price of fuel, Osceola County and the City of St. Cloud are doing their part to reach these goals. As part of a $2.36 million dollar grant funded by the US Department of Energy and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Osceola County, in partnership with the City of St. Cloud, installed a 59 kilowatt (kW) photo-voltaic (PV) system on the City of St. Cloud City Hall rooftop and a 31 kW PV system on the City’s Joint Use Facility rooftop.

Energy Efficient Finance Program (EEFP)

In partnership with the Osceola Energy Initiative (OEI), the Energy Efficient Finance Program (EEFP) will provide residents and businesses with access to low interest loans and energy efficient upgrades that are designed to give the individuals the greatest amount of savings for the least amount of investment.

Energy Efficiency Certification Program

Energy Efficiency and Retrofit Certification Program at the Technical Education Center Osceola (TECO)

Sponsored by: WORKFORCE CENTRAL FLORIDA (WCF) and Osceola Energy Initiative (OEI)