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Red-Light Safety Camera Program

30-day Warning Periods for New Red-Light Safety Cameras Announced

Visit the link above to discover the new cameras and intersections.

Osceola County’s First Red-Light Safety Cameras

Osceola County's first two red-light safety cameras are installed and are currently operating as part of a new approach to traffic safety that could involve up to 10 intersections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the link to learn about why Osceola County has implemented a Red-Light Safety Camera Program, what a red-light running violation is, and what to do if you receive a violation.

The Value of Red-Light Safety Cameras

Data from other cities across the country and multiple research studies have proven that red-light safety cameras decrease accidents- in particular, the numbers of side or T-bone crashes which cause the most fatalities and serious injuries.

Payment Options

Click the button below to pay fines online or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more payment options.

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