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Emergency Management - Main Office
M - F: 8am - 5pm
(407) 742-9000
2586 Partin Settlement Road
Kissimmee, FL 34744


Emergency management is everyone's responsibility. In recognition of this truth, Osceola County Emergency Management works closely with partner organizations to bring expertise to the execution of an effective plan. This is particularly true during periods of activation. You might choose to consider it as being assigned specialists for a medical condition you might have.

Emergency management is built upon these partnerships and includes training with the partner organizations. The training consists of classroom work as well as "drilling", specific to a particular discipline or task, all the way to include full-scale exercising performed in real-time to ensure continuity and understanding across the disciplines as well as any jurisdictional boundaries.

Osceola County is proud to partner with each supporting agency!

City of Kissimmee

Learn more about the City of Kissimmee by visiting their official website.

City of St. Cloud

Learn more about the City of St. Cloud by visiting their official website.

Osceola County Sheriffs Office

Learn more about the Osceola County Sheriff's Office by visiting their official website.


Many types of emergencies can cause power outage, including storm damage to the power grid or system overload during heavy usage to cope with summer heat or an unusually cold winter. Learn how to best prepare and safely respond to the hazards created by a power outage from the experts.

Osceola County has several utility providers. If you are uncertain on who your provider is, look for your monthly statement to make the determination.

Utility Providers: