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Special Needs Program

Florida Statute requires county emergency management to provide the leadership and direction to effectively care for the community of special needs individuals in times of disaster.

Osceola County Emergency Management and partners have demonstrated consistent excellence in the planning and execution of the Special Needs Program.

The program includes annual registration and education for individuals with special needs. During periods of threatened conditions, Osceola County provides special needs sheltering for those who require sheltering. Partner organizations, such as the Osceola Council On Aging and the Department of Health, come together to ensure the utmost in care during a sheltering event. For a list of Osceola County Shelters specifically designated for special needs individuals, please scroll down. To view the entire shelter list, please click on the SHELTER LIST link to the left.

You may register by downloading and completing the Special Needs registration form by clicking here. When you have completed the form, please mail to:

Osceola County Emergency Management
Attention: Special Needs Registration
2586 Partin Settlement Road
Kissimmee, FL 34744
Fax: 407-742-9022

Questions: email or call 407-742-9001

The Special Needs Coordinator for Osceola County is Ursula Evans, 407 -742-9000.


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