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Emergency Management Strategic Plan

Cover of the 2019-2022 Emergency Management Strategic Plan

Osceola County Office of Emergency Management is committed to developing a coordinated and cooperative program that engages the “whole community” in all efforts possible to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond to and recover from all identified hazards to build and maintain a more resilient community.

The dynamics and demographics of Osceola County are evolving faster than ever, and the challenges of providing emergency, infrastructure, and human needs support are growing consistent with these changes in population, threats, and rising customer expectations. The nature of the multi-cultural community, coupled with an ever-expanding tourist population and a diverse business and industry platform present unique challenges in achieving the mission. Additionally, through attrition, the institutional knowledge of many agency and department representatives departure compounds the complexity.

In December 2018, the Strategic Plan was updated during an annual review process with Office of Emergency Management and our partner agencies to evaluate program goals/objectives for
 the period between 2019 - 2022. The initial step in the process was to re-visit and update the Office Mission and Vision. This Strategic Plan is designed to determine the Office direction and to focus organizational efforts to achieve the Mission and Vision. The plan endeavors to set a road map for the next five years, complete with goals and objectives necessary to meet the overall Mission of Osceola County Emergency Management.

To guide the development of this Strategic Plan, emergency management conducted a major planning process. Staff solicited input from a broad range of interested parties including first responders, emergency management staff, regional partners, and external stakeholders. Staff collected data, reviewed performance and based on this process, the team created this Strategic Plan -- a disciplined, long-term approach to strengthen resilience.

The document provides clarity for the Osceola County Office of Emergency Management program future. At its core, the plan shows the way toward building on program strengths as a nexus for sustainability, innovation and the hub of resilience. It outlines a focused direction for maximizing program effectiveness in better informing decision-makers, educating partners as well as citizens throughout the community.

This Strategic Plan is intended to be a living document that reflects the Emergency Management vision of a safer future through effective programs, partnerships and an engaged community committed to saving lives and reducing the impact of disasters.

Continuous reevaluation of the program will be required to determine whether or not the plan is current and adequate to protect the life, property and environment of Osceola County. In any case, the program will not succeed without the unwavering support of the whole community to contribute to, develop and maintain a successful emergency management program for all of Osceola County.

Moving forward, emergency managers and our whole community partners remain committed to putting ideas into action that will make our community more resilient.