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Fire Inspection Services

Annual Fire Inspection

Fire Inspections are conducted on all commercial properties. The objective of these inspections is to enforce Fire Codes for properties and identify and remedy unsafe, hazardous and/or non-compliant conditions.

Annual inspections are also conducted for re-licensing of State run/approved childcare and adult care facilities. Our Inspectors also respond to complaints of possible unsafe conditions in public businesses/properties.

It is our intent to limit the probability or severity of fires and ensure life safety for both residents and visitors of Osceola County.

Storage Tank Inspection

Osceola County Fire Rescue is directing to Orange County Fire Rescue to conduct the Storage Tank System Compliance Verification Program as defined in Florida Administrative Code 62-761 & 62-762. Osceola County has over 600 active storage tanks at more than 260 facilities. Storage tanks can be found throughout the County from retail gas stations to remote agriculture facilities.

Tank Inspectors conduct annual compliance inspections at these facilities each year in addition to new installations, closure and discharge inspections.

FDEP regulates storage tanks that are above 110 gallons for underground tanks and 550 gallons for above ground tanks. This regulation is for Petroleum Products, certain Mineral Acids, and Hazardous Materials.

There are exemptions for certain storage tanks system and LP Gas tanks under this Florida Administrative Code.

Public records for Storage Tank systems are maintained in Occulus which is maintained by FDEP or a request can be submitted to the County Storage Tank Program.

Fire Inspection Checklists