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Risk Management - Main Office
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Risk Management

Mission Statement

The office of Risk Management is responsible for administering the County’s self-insurance programs for property, general liability, and workers’ compensation and for securing excess insurance above our self-insured retentions.  The Risk Management Program self-insurance fund also provides coverage to the following constitutional offices in Osceola County:  Clerk of the Court, Property Appraiser, Supervisor of Elections, Tax Collector, and Sheriff.  


The goal of Risk Management is to protect Osceola County against accidental financial loss by identifying, mitigating, and managing exposures to health and safety concerns for its employees, citizens, properties, assets, and operations in accordance with statutes, ordinances, laws, and best practices.  Risk Management coordinates treatment and coverage for all workers’ compensation claims for County employees, manages liability claims made by third parties against the County, and provides safety guidance to all departments and covered entities.

Risk Management can be contacted at 407-742-1430 or 407-742-1233.



Provides for compliance with federally required drug and alcohol testing.


Researches and monitors claim activities. The Office of Risk Management also assists employees with claims and maintains quality customer service of the plan. Additionally RM negotiates and manages the countywide property and liability insurance program.