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Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)

Starts:  September 1, 2016

Ends:    When funding runs out

The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) provides rental assistance to families experiencing homelessness. To be eligible for the grant, a family must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have children and are living on the streets; or
    • Living in a car; or
    • Living in a domestic violence shelter; or
    • Living in a motel that is paid by a charitable organization or an agency.

Funds are provided on a needs-basis and consist of security deposit, utility deposit, and up to twelve month’s rental assistance. At the end of the assistance period, if not before, families should be able to pay 100% of the rent.

Case management is required to ensure success of the program and includes monthly assessments, understanding the terms of a lease, household budgeting, debt reduction, savings, and a plan for the future.

Families are responsible for bringing all required documents to their first intake appointment (see list below).

All household members 18 years of age or older must attend “Taking Control of Your Money,” a free financial management class offered at Osceola County Extension Services. For class dates and times, and to register (mandatory), log onto or call 321.697.3000.

Current Fair Market Rental Rates

1 Bedroom

$837 per month

2 Bedrooms

$1002 per month

3 Bedrooms

$1,332 per month

4 Bedrooms

$1,608 per month

Required Documents

  1. A COPY of the last four most recent paycheck stubs for you and any other household member who will be occupying the home. The paycheck stubs must have the year to date gross income listed. If you are paid in cash or by personal check, you must provide a letter from your employer stating your year to date pay. This letter must be on company letterhead. Phone and fax number of employer for verification.
  2. A COPY of all other sources of income for ALL members of the household, including but not limited to current Social Security/SSI benefit letter and Unemployment checks/statement. Child support or alimony requires child support agreement and divorce decree as evidence of payment (If you do not receive child support, Osceola County will need verification of this), and any other retirement pension statements.
  3. A COPY, for ALL HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS, Six month of bank statements for all checking accounts, savings accounts, money market, employer card, reload cards, etc.
  4. A COPY of your Florida Driver’s license or Florida picture identification for each adult members (18 years and older) of the household. Out of State Driver’s license or ID’s are not acceptable. Passports are not sufficient.
  5. A COPY of social security card for all household members.
  6. A COPY of birth certificates for all household members under the age of 18.
  7. A COPY of most recent year tax return for each adult member (18 years and older).
  8. A COPY of eviction letter, hotel or motel receipt or letter from case manager stating that family is homeless.
  9. A COPY of your food stamp assistance letter showing the amount.

Please make COPIES OF ALL THESE ITEMS. Originals will not be returned.

Household members 18 and older MUST attend the interview appointment.

For more information, call 407-742-8414, or send an email to