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MSBU Pond Maintenance Program

The assessment program created individual Municipal Service Benefit Units (MSBUs) for the purpose of providing maintenance of stormwater management facilities owned or operated by the County.

The individual boundaries for each of the MSBUs are based upon the integrated drainage facility and do not always coincide with subdivision lines. Those properties served by the integrated stormwater management facility are considered part of the MSBU.

Residential parcels within each MSBU are assessed the same rate for the services provided by the County. In MSBUs that contain non-residential parcels, an equivalent assessment is calculated based on the median size of the residential parcels within the same MSBU. The non-residential parcels are measured individually and then divided by the residential equivalent unit to determine the number of billing units for each non-residential parcel.

The Maintenance Assessment standardizes the services provided, the level of service received and the collection method for all stormwater facilities. Services covered under the assessment include:

  • mowing (26 or 52 times per year)
  • aquatic weed control (12 times per year)
  • minor maintenance (as needed)
  • structure inspections
  • contract management and routine inspections

The MSBU Ordinance allows for a separate assessment for capital facility repairs on an as-needed basis by establishing a provision to borrow funds from the County’s General Fund. When a capital facility repair is identified, the General Fund will initially fund the repair and the individual MSBU will repay the General Fund for the cost of the repair with interest over an established period of time.