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Local Small Business Enterprise Program

Here's how the program works. Certified Local Small Business Enterprises are given the opportunity to match the lowest bid price when they are within five percent (5%) of the lowest bid. If more than one LSBE is within five percent (5%) of the lowest bid, the lowest bidder among the LSBEs is granted the opportunity to match the lowest bid first. The LSBE will have three days to respond in writing to the County's request to match. If the lowest LSBE within the five percent (5%) elects not to match, the next LSBE within the five percent (5%) will be granted the same opportunity.

Minimum Requirements for a Firm to Become Certified

  1. Be in operation for at least one year
  2. Maintain its headquarters within the legal boundaries of Osceola County
  3. Serves a commercially useful function, meaning it must perform, manage, and supervise a distinct element of work for which it has skill and expertise.
  4. Must be actively managed and controlled on a day-to-day basis by the owner(s)
  5. Have annual gross sales volume that does not exceed the following maximums:
    1. $7.5 million gross sales for construction firms
    2. $3 million gross sales for all other firms
  6. Be current on any applicable business license(s) and on any required Osceola County taxes and fees

Supporting Documents

  • Completed and notarized application
  • Copy of Osceola County Business Tax Receipt
  • Three (3) most recent federal income tax returns or returns for those years in business if less than three (3) years. Sole proprietors shall submit individual tax returns for the previous three years.
  • Articles of incorporation, if incorporated
  • Lease, rental agreement, or property trim notice
  • Current resume of owner(s) reflecting experience or training in type of business being conducted
  • Copies of all professional licenses

Just remember, certification does not guarantee any present or future business opportunities with the County. Vendors, interested in doing business with the County, must take the necessary steps to become part of the County's procurement process and respond competitively to advertised solicitations. To view currently advertised solicitations, register or login to VendorLink,

Once we receive your application and requested supporting documents, your completed packet will be reviewed to determine if your firm meets the eligibility criteria. If you have questions, while completing your application, please contact Procurement Services at (407) 742-0900.

Submit completed applications with supporting documents to Procurement Services, 1 Courthouse Square, Suite 2300, Kissimmee, Florida 34741.