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Tips for RFP Solicitation Responses

Attending the Pre-proposal Conference

  • If the pre-proposal is posted as a mandatory meeting, then you or a representative must attend in order to be eligible to submit a proposal.
  • Print clearly when signing in. If you are attending on behalf of another party, be sure to sign in indicating the firm that you are representing.
  • Review the RFP document before arriving so that you are prepared with questions.
  • Bring your copy of the RFP with you.
  • If anything in the RFP (Terms & Conditions, Scope of Work, insurance requirements or selection criteria) is a concern, let us know now.

Submitting a Proposal

  • Keep within the “maximum number of pages” if specified. Pages that exceed the specified number, may not be considered, and may cause your proposal to be disqualified.
  • List previous projects. Indicate scheduled completion dates vs. actual completion dates, and initial contract dollar amount vs. final contract dollar amount, even if not asked to do so in the RFP.
  • Include projects that have been completed by the team that will be assigned to this project.
  • Use graphs to show availability of personnel and other data.
  • Include letters of recommendation, even if not requested in the RFP.
  • Technical questions should be submitted in writing via e-mail or fax. Call the contact person to ensure they were received.
  • If your proposal does not comply with mandatory requirement, it may be rejected.


If presentations are requested, use multi-media, i.e.; PowerPoint, handouts, video. If informal interviews are requested, only bring materials requested.

  • Don’t repeat what was included in your proposal.
  • Tell the Evaluation Team what you will “do for Osceola County.” Focus on how your firm will ensure that THIS project is completed on-time and on-budget.
  • You may briefly refer to another project your firm has done, however, keep it pertinent.
  • The proposed Project Manager needs to attend and be the lead speaker. Don’t bring personnel who will not be involved in the project. Each person attending should speak about the tasks they will perform on this project.
  • Use graphs to show start or completion schedule for this project.
  • Highlight the resources that your firm has available, such as using your firm’s website to get pertinent, up-to-date information on this project.
  • Inform the Evaluation Team of alternate solutions / innovative ways to complete this project.