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Sharps Program

Sharps Program

Sharps or needles, when disposed of improperly, can create a serious health risk.  Sharps can be contaminated with Hepatitis, HIV, AIDS, or other potentially fatal diseases.  Disposing of needles in your household garbage is also a violation of State and Federal law.

If you are diabetic, or use any type of injectable medication, Osceola County has coordinated a safe disposal program for your used needles:

  1. Simply ask, at any pharmacy in Osceola County, for a free sharps disposal container.
  2. When the container is full, simply deliver it, free of charge,  to the closest Fire Department in Osceola County or Cities of Kissimee and St. Cloud.  You may contact the  Pollution Prevention Division at (407) 742-7750 for the closest disposal site near you. It is that simple!
  3. Then pick up another sharps container on your next visit to your nearest pharmacy.  There is no purchase necessary.

Disposal Tip: Sharps are NOT to be mixed with household garbage!