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CPA09 0010 East Lake Toho Element

The development of the East of Lake Toho Conceptual Master Plan required input from a range of agencies and disciplines. Opportunities for economic development, multimodal transportation, environmental protection and development must be balanced in order to achieve the sustainable urban growth recommended for this area in the 2007 Comprehensive Plan. It was the charge of the Stakeholder Group to articulate these diverse interests as well as provide vital information to the consultant team, enabling the County to make appropriate decisions throughout the planning process.

The planning of the East of Lake Toho Conceptual Master Plan included a two-day public involvement workshop in July 2009. The Board of County Commissioners approved the East of Lake Toho CMP with changes at the August 16, 2010 hearing.

In the Notice of Intent from the DCA on October 6, 2010, ORD10-20/CPA09-0010 the East of Lake Toho Conceptual Master Plan was found to be not in compliance. Through negotiations with the DCA, a Stipulated Settlement Agreement has been reached to resolve all of the issues identified in the DCA’s October 7, 2010 Statement of Intent. On June 21, 2011 the Board of County Commissioners executed the Stipulated Settlement Agreement and approved Ordinance 11-19 which amended ORD10-18, the East of Lake Toho Conceptual Master Plan, as well as ORD10-18, ORD10-19, the Future Land Use Element, the Potable Water Element, the Intergovernmental Coordination Element, the Public Schools Facility Element, and the Transportation Element.