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Split Oak Conflict Assessment Meeting

A conflict assessment meeting will occur between officials of Osceola County, the Orange County Charter Review Commission, and Orange County pursuant to Chapter 164, Florida Statutes, known as the “Florida Governmental Conflict Resolution Act."

The matters to be discussed at the meeting relate to the conflict described in a Resolution adopted by Osceola County on September 21, 2020, including the Orange County Charter Amendment on Split Oak Forest proposed by the Orange County Charter Review Commission and associated issues.  The meeting will be attended by appropriate personnel from each governmental entity, including the chief administrator, or his or her designee, for each governmental entity.

The representatives of each party will participate from different locations via WebEx©. Members of the public may view the meeting virtually through the livestream below.

Agency/Department Board of Commissioners
Start October 29, 2020 2:00 pm
End October 29, 2020
Location Online