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Senses Park

2296 Camelia Drive

Kissimmee, FL 34743

Senses Park is an All-Inclusive Playground that caters to children on the autism spectrum. The structures are separated by space to allow for self-learning, exploration and less intense social play experiences for those on the autism disorder spectrum. A key feature for parents is a perimeter fence, so that children can’t wander or bolt. The inclusive play space is fully accessible for children who use wheelchairs. The park is located in Buenaventura Lakes at the intersection of Florida Parkway and Buenaventura Boulevard.


2296 Camilia Drive
Kissimmee, FL


  •  Music instruments (bongo drums, xylophones and marimba)
  • Sand box
  • Play equipment, including climbers and slides
  • Wheelchair accessible merry-go-round
  • Two small picnic pavilions
  • Three water fountains
  • Restroom
  • Small hill to climb or roll down
  • Soothing soundscapes throughout the park
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