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Cares for Kelley

Published on: Aug 3, 2016

Early in the morning on July 29th, Kelley Stransky suffered a devastating fire at her home in Kissimmee, Florida that completely destroyed her house and sadly took the life of her husband, Thomas, and several beloved pets.  Kelley lost just about everything she has in this tragedy, but she still has us – the many co-workers, friends and family that Kelley has helped throughout her career. It is now time to help Kelley.  

With your help, we can ease the financial burden on Kelley so that she can begin to recover from these tragic losses.
Help spread the word!
If you would like to contribute please visit the “Cares for Kelley” GoFundMe site­­­ that has been established to collect funds for Kelley’s many needs. The link is