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Fleet Management recognized as a Notable Fleet in North America

Published on: Apr 11, 2017

Government Fleet magazine and the American Public Works Association (APWA) have announced the Leading Fleets for 2017. The awards program, sponsored by Ford Motor Company, recognizes operations that are performing at a high level, particularly in fleet leadership, competitiveness and efficiency, planning for the future, and overcoming challenges.

The 50 Leading Fleets represent the best in the industry. Government Fleet will announce rankings for the top 20 fleets as well as top fleets in size categories: No. 1 small fleet (499 or fewer assets), No. 1 mid-size fleet (500-999 assets), and No. 1 large fleet (1,000 or more assets) at GFX.

The Leading Fleets and Notable Fleets will be recognized at GFX during the Honors Celebration, with certificates and plaques, and with a group photo to be published in the awards issue of Government Fleet magazine. Public Fleet Hall of Fame inductees and the Fleet Manager of the Year will also be honored at the awards ceremony.

We thank the judges for this year’s award: Paul Condran, fleet services manager for the City of Culver City, Calif.; Craig Croner, CPFP, administrative services manager, City of Boise, Idaho; Sam Lamerato, CPFP, retired fleet superintendent, City of Troy, Mich.; and Kelly Reagan, fleet administrator, City of Columbus, Ohio.

Leading Fleets* (in alphabetical order):

  • Boston Public Works Central Fleet Management (William Coughlin)
  • City and County of Denver Department of Public Works, Fleet Management Division (Todd Richardson)
  • City of Anaheim (Julie Lyons)
  • City of Bellevue (Fleet and Communications Management Team)
  • City of Beverly Hills (Craig Crowder)
  • City of Buckeye (Michael DePaulo, CPFP)
  • City of Charlotte, Management & Financial Services, Fleet Management (Chris Trull)
  • City of Chesapeake (George Hrichak, CEM, CPFP)
  • City of Concord (Jeff Roubal)
  • City of Conroe (Erik Metzger)
  • City of Denton Fleet Services (Terry Kader)
  • City of Dublin (Darryl Syler)
  • City of Durham (Joseph Clark)
  • City of Fairfield (David Renschler, CPFP)
  • City of Fort Collins (Tracy Ochsner)
  • City of Fort Wayne (Larry Campbell, CPFP)
  • City of Fort Worth (Wayne Corum)
  • City of Greenville (Scott McIver, CPFP)
  • City of Houston (Victor Ayres)
  • City of Kitchener (Don Miller)
  • City of Lakeland Fleet Management (Gary McLean, CPFP)
  • City of Long Beach (Dan Berlenbach)
  • City of Milwaukee (Jeffrey Tews, CPFP)
  • City of Moline (David Mallum)
  • City of Oakland (Richard Battersby)
  • City of Orange (Keith Marian)
  • City of Raleigh, Vehicle Fleet Services (Travis Brown)
  • City of San Antonio (Ruben Flores)
  • City of Tampa, Fleet Management Division (Connie White-Arnold)
  • City of Tempe (Kevin Devery, CPM)
  • City of Tulsa Equipment Management (Brian Franklin, CPFP)
  • Cobb County Support Services (Al Curtis)
  • County of Riverside Purchasing & Fleet Services (Lisa Brandl)
  • County of San Diego (Sharyl Blackington)
  • County of Sonoma Fleet Operations (David Worthington)
  • County of Ventura Fleet Operations (Peter Bednar)
  • Dakota County Fleet Management (Kevin Schlangen, CPFP, CAFM, CEM)
  • DC Water (Timothy Fitzgerald)
  • Denver International Airport (DEN) (Jeff Booton)
  • Department of Citywide Administrative Services, Fleet (NYC Fleet) (Keith Kerman)
  • DPW/Indianapolis Fleet Services (Ronnie Rhoton)
  • Eugene Water & Electric Board (Gary Lentsch, CAFM)
  • Fairfax County, Department of Vehicle Services (Mark Moffatt)
  • Forest Preserve District of DuPage County (Michael Webster)
  • Hillsborough County (Robert Stine, Jr.)
  • Manatee County Fleet Services (Michael Brennan, CEM)
  • New York City Police Department (Gregory Dimesa)
  • Orange County Board of County Commissioners (Bryan Lucas)
  • Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (Jeffrey Hawthorne)
  • Sacramento County (Keith Leech Sr.)
  • San Bernardino County Fleet Management (Roger Weaver)

*Due to a tie, 51 fleets are listed


Notable Fleets

While the following fleets were not named among the Leading Fleets, their accomplishments and efforts warrant recognition.

  • Bonneville Power Administration (Sean Joyce)
  • Chesterfield County Government (Jeff Jeter)
  • City of Eugene (Richard Perry, PE)
  • City of Fargo (Harold Pedersen)
  • City of Fayetteville (Jesse Beeks)
  • City of Henderson (Robert Herr)
  • City of Huntington Beach (Robert LaRoche)
  • City of Largo (Kimberley Tracy, PE)
  • City of Marietta/BLW (Scott Lawler)
  • City of Norfolk (Facundo Tassara)
  • City of Oceanside (Jeffery Hart)
  • City of Orlando (David Dunn, CFM)
  • City of Roanoke (Michael Cosby)
  • City of Roseville (Brian Craighead)
  • City of San Jose (Dan Sunseri)
  • City of Ventura (Mary Joyce Ivers, CPFP)
  • City of Wichita (Ben Nelson)
  • Iowa State University Transportation Services (Kathy Wellik, CAFM)
  • King County Fleet Administration Division (Jennifer Lindwall)
  • NYC Parks (Paris Apollon)
  • Osceola County Fleet Management (Hector Sierra-Morales)
  • State of Delaware Office of Management & Budget (Richard Cordrey)
  • Town of Castle Rock (Paul Colell)
  • University of Texas at Austin (Mark Kaligian)