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Public Notice: Surplus Lands Auction

Surplus Lands Auction

Published on: Aug 12, 2019

Osceola County, a Political Subdivision
Kissimmee, Florida
SURPLUS LANDS will be sold at auction online:

Board Approval Date: 10/10/2016 Resolution No.: 16-169R

  1. Parcel ID Number 21-25-27-0000-0013-0000
  2. Parcel ID Number 11-25-28-3700-0031-0050
  3. Parcel ID Number 26-31-34-0000-0D19-0000
  4. Parcel ID Number 26-31-34-0000-0D18-0000
  5. Parcel ID Number 26-31-34-0000-0C03-0000
  6. Parcel ID Number 26-31-34-0000-0C02-0000
  7. Parcel ID Number 26-31-34-0000-0B02-0000
  8. Parcel ID Number 26-31-34-0000-0A17-0000

Board Approval Date: 12/03/2018 Resolution No.: 18-147R

  1. Parcel ID Number 12-25-28-3740-000A-0150

The Auction will begin on September 11, 2019 and end on September 18, 2019. Properties are sold "AS IS" with no warranties given or implied and conveyance of property will be by county deed and are subject to the requirements of Section 125.35, Florida Statutes.

Please contact Laura Slocumb, Real Estate Associate with Higgenbotham Auctioneers International, LTD., INC, at 1-800-257-4161 or visit for more information.