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Attention Citizens! We Need YOUR Help!

Published on: Feb 2, 2015

Ever wonder, "Why recycle?" Sure, it's good for the environment, but there's more to it than that. When you Recycle Often and Recycle Right, great things happen.

Think about it. Every day we encounter hundreds of recyclable items. By recycling properly, we can save tons of raw materials, which in turn saves time, energy and expense. Waste Management has four simple guidelines you can follow:

  • Do NOT bag recyclables
  • No plastic bags
  • No garbage or food waste in recycle cart
  • Include only plastic bottles, aluminum & metals cans, paper products, cardboard and glass

We need your help to keep recycling clean and green. Certain items can slow down the recycling process, or even ruin the load. Residents who improperly use their recycle carts for materials other than recyclables will receive a service tag and carts will NOT be emptied.

Please do not include:

  • Recyclables in bags
  • Loose plastic shopping bags
  • Garbage and food waste
  • Yard Waste grass clippings, branches & brush
  • Clothes and linens
  • Unnumbered plastics toothbrushes, toys, hoses
  • Plastic or metal clothes hangers
  • Disposable cups or flatware
  • Construction debris bricks, wood, cement
  • Paint or Spray paint
  • Hard, reusable plastic bottles
  • Polystyrene cups, food trays and packing materials
  • Needles or medical waste
  • Glass mirrors, windows, broken glass, etc.
  • Shredded papers
  • Propane tanks, helium tanks, portable gas tanks
  • Chemical/combustible and corrosive containers
  • Cable wires, steel cables, chains, barb-wires
  • Ropes

To learn more watch this "Recycle Often. Recycle Right" video, or visit the Solid Waste site.