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Employee of the Month - July 2020 - Brandon Pritchett


Osceola County, FL - July 2020 - The Employee of the Month for July has been dubbed, "Oz" because like the Wizard of fame, he also knows all, or he can probably figure it out. Brandon Pritchett is known to many at the County as the "go-to" guy when it comes to problem solving, and the coronavirus pandemic brought about one of the biggest challenges of all: How to continue to conduct the wide array of County meetings, many of which are normally held in the BCC Chamber while having staff, Commissioners and members of the community all able to participate in a live forum. "Oz" was up to the task and was the mastermind behind meetings being held virtually. He is now being recognized for his hard work and ingenuity. Watch this video to see how July's Employee of the Month manages to appear to be in several places, doing several things, at the same time.