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Osceola TV is Osceola County's premier online channel for videos and online media.  Videos related to every aspect of Osceola County life, leisure, safety, history, or government involvement can be found within this channel.  For more specific information, you may also select a channel using the guides to the left.


Stormwater Utility PSA - What is Stormwater?
Aug 17, 2017

This video explains stormwater and how it affects the County's water bodies. It shows how a stormwater utility would assist in keeping those water bodies from becoming contaminated, as well as ways residents can help by preventing unwanted elements from entering the stormwater system.

Public Information and Outreach for Potential Stormwater Utility Fee Assessment
Aug 4, 2017

The Board of County Commissioners approved a preliminary Stormwater Assessment on April 10, 2017. The Stormwater Assessment Ordinance permits staff to conduct Public Education and Outreach on the potential Stormwater fees that would be assessed for managing stormwater runoff. The goal of the public outreach campaign is to educate residents of Osceola County on the stormwater utility fee and how it will help the County better manage its stormwater services.

Osceola County Animal Services Summer Teen Volunteer Program - What They Did This Summer!
Aug 4, 2017

What did your teen do this summer? Well, if they volunteered at Osceola County Animal Services, they did quite a lot! Watch this fun video to find out some of the things the Shelter's most enthusiastic volunteers did this summer!