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The Osceola County Permitting section provides a number of services to local residents and businesses.  Read on to find out more details about these services.

Obtaining a building permit is the first important step in assuring the safety of building occupants. The building permit grants legal permission to construct or alter a structure, or install or replace electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing systems according to prescribed building codes and standards. The permit also drives the inspection process to confirm building code compliance. Our permitting professionals exercise care in reviewing all permit application packages for legal conformity and specific technical information required for plan review. Therefore, it is important that all permit applicants describe the work to be performed in terms that are as specific as possible. To assist you with preparing permit documents we have listed permitting requirements for various permit types as well as applications and forms.

Building Permit Fees

Within this Table of Contents are the fees associated with commercial and residential Building Permits and related information on how fees are calculated. Fees are due at time of pulling permits unless otherwise noted. This information is provided to assist in estimating approximate figures and is not intended to establish the final fees for permits.
  • Commercial Fees
  • Residential Fees