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DCI and DRI General Information

View DCI / DRI Maps and Documents

Information about each DRI and DCI can be viewed or downloaded by selecting the applicable DRI or DCI by name or project number. Items that may be included with each approved or "in process" development is a copy of:

  • public meetings or hearing announcements
  • the Master Plan for the DRI or DCI Map H
  • Planning Commission recommendations
  • the Assessment Report and Recommendations prepared and adopted by the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council
  • the Osceola County Staff Report
  • the Final Development Order or Final Development Agreements approved by the Board of County Commissioners
  • Annual or Biennial Reports

Additional information about each DRI can also be obtained at the East Central Florida Regional Planning Councils website at

If you have any further questions regarding the information provided here please contact the Planning and Zoning Office.

All current and previously approved DRI’s and DCI’s can be found here.