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Osceola County Policies Center

The Policies Center is your one-stop-shop to all official documents that drive and guide the County. The information below is intended to provide you, the citizen, with the knowledge of how your County government works. To view a document, click on the title below.

County Charter

The County Charter acts as a “mini-Constitution” and defines the powers, duties, and overall structure of the County government.

Administrative Code

The Administrative Code is the administrative policy framework that outlines how the County operates.


The Code of Ordinances, accessible through Municode, is a collection of laws and ordinances passed by the County government. These ordinances can deal with public safety, health, zoning, and other municipal laws.

Land Development Code

The Land Development Code (LDC), accessible through Municode, serves as a primary implementation vehicle for the County Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan, accessible through Municode, describes the process that determines the County's objectives, goals, policies, and aspirations in terms of the long-range development of the County.

County Fee Schedule

The Fee Schedule lists fees charged for various County services.

Website Terms of Use Policy

The Website Terms of Use Policy lays forth acceptable uses of the County website, liability terms, jurisdictional issues, and other related information.

Social Media Use Policy

The Social Media Use Policy establishes guidelines for and ensure the proper management, retention and use of the County’s social media accounts.

Meeting Participation Resolution

The Meeting Participation Resolution establishes a process for public participation at Board of County Commission meetings.