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Osceola County Shelters

No shelters are currently open.

In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, the Emergency Operations Center will activate shelters around the county. Not all shelters will open at the same time and will open on an "as needed" basis only. Stay tuned to local television, radio, and the Osceola County EOC facebook and twitter page to receive updates on shelter openings.

Pet Friendly Shelters

Osceola County Emergency Management in partnership with Osceola Animal Services, the American Red Cross, and the School District of Osceola County offers pet friendly sheltering. Only certain shelter facilities are designated as "pet friendly". As with all shelters, specific locations are announced prior to an event. Emergency managers will still determine resource requirements based on the actual threat. If you intend to evacuate during a hurricane or other situation, please contact the Office of Emergency Management for specific details regarding pet friendly shelters at (407) 742-9000.