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Illicit Discharge

Ordinance for Clean Water:012813_OnlyRainDownTheDrain_400x300

Osceola County has an Illicit Discharge Ordinance #08-28, which is designed to protect the Osceola County natural waterways by prohibiting anything but rainwater to be placed in the stormwater system.

Stormwater System Restrictions
What is allowed in the stormwater system? What is NOT allowed in the stormwater system by Ordinance #08-28?
A/C condensation Auto/household chemicals
De-chlorinated pool water Car wash water
Discharge from potable water sources Oil
Diverted stream flows Industrial discharges
Landscape irrigation Laundry wastewater
Lawn watering Leaves
Rising ground water Grass clippings and lawn debris
Street wash water Pesticides and fertilizers
Uncontaminated ground water Litter
Water line flushing Pet waste
Radiator flush water
Roadway accident spills
Sanitary wastewater
Septic tank effluent
Chlorinated pool water

Report an Illicit Discharge:
Solid Pollution – contact Solid Waste at 407-742-7750
Liquid Pollution – contact Natural Resources at 407-742-8650

You can help prevent water pollution by following the Healthy Habits for Clean Water.