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Indian Creek CFD - September 2016 Newsletter

Published on: Sep 28, 2016

Dear Indian Creek Home Owner:

Your Indian Creek Common Facilities District (CFD) elected supervisors are providing this newsletter to all homeowners in Indian Creek in order to share information on recently completed improvements, share future plans and solicit information to update our records. The supervisors of Indian Creek CFD are elected to 4 year terms by registered voters in Osceola County that live in the Indian Creek community. The Board of Supervisors is responsible for the maintenance of common areas within the Indian Creek Common Facilities District. The board is composed of three supervisors, President Neal Kaplan, Secretary/Treasurer Alan Jones and Supervisor Samuel Geffen.

Indian Creek is now over 15 years old and as a result, some of the common areas are in need of minor maintenance and/ or refurbishing due to normal wear and tear. The projects listed below have been completed recently.

  • Lighting for the entrance signs has been updated and moved to be more effective. Electrical service at the front was repaired to insure consistent supply for the seasonal lighting display.
  • The basketball and tennis courts along with the putting green have been resurfaced and relined. Two tables with benches have been added to this area because it gets a lot of use from residents and guests.
  • A new line of shrubbery has been planted on the eastern side of the route 429 overpass improving the appearance of Indian Creek Boulevard, our main thoroughfare.
  • The center circle of the Oasis has been completely refurbished with a variety of flowering plants, a new additional palm and a replacement palm for one we lost due to disease.
  • We are almost done with the new sitting area in the open quadrant of the Oasis. The new sidewalk, plantings and irrigation are complete. We will be installing benches in the coming weeks which will give us a nice shady resting place for everyone.
  • Repainting of all the parking lines is in progress around the oasis.
  • We are testing a new mold control product on the sidewalks in the Oasis and initial results are very promising. Indian Creek Common Facilities District September 2016 The projects below have been approved and will be completed in the near future.
  • The security system at the front entrance is being updated with higher resolution cameras and higher capacity storage equipment. Osceola County Sheriffs have direct access to this information and have used in their investigations.
  • We will be expanding the seasonal flower beds at the front entrance adding more color in our most visible area. We will also be replanting the median at the front as many of the shrubs in this area are original plantings and are now unsightly.
  • We have accomplished all this along with the day to day maintenance without increasing the CFD assessment rate, which is included in your annual real-estate property tax bill. The assessment rate has remained a constant $400 per dwelling unit while maintaining a fiscally conservative emergency fund.

    Some of you may have noticed wooden stakes connected with string along the back of your property. They were all installed in one day and we have no idea why or by whom. There are no permits on file with any county board. We believe they were intended for a different community. We have removed the stakes that are on common property and you can remove them from your private property if you wish.

    Over the last year we have had two problem alligators removed from our retention ponds. These animals were not problems in and of themselves, they were problems because people were feeding them and they lost their natural aversion to humans. When this happens, they become dangerous and will approach people looking for food. We have installed additional warning signs around the retention ponds. If you encounter an alligator over 4 feet long you can call Florida Fish and Wildlife at 866-392-4286. They will evaluate your complaint and, if necessary, send a licensed alligator trapper to remove it from the pond. PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE ALLIGATORS!!

    The Indian Creek Common Facilities District adopts a meeting schedule at the first meeting of the new Fiscal Year. All meetings are held at the Osceola County Administration building, 1 Courthouse Square, approximately once every three months. The purpose of these meetings is to plan for the up-keep of the community and identify projects to enhance our community. We are interested in your ideas for improvements in our community as well as your concerns regarding the common areas. We encourage you to attend the quarterly meetings.

    All information about our Common Facilities District is available on our website.

    The website contains copies of the Indian Creek CFD budget, contracts, ordinances, resolutions, project lists and meeting schedules.

    We would like to make this newsletter a regular feature, but mailing it will be cost prohibitive. We need your cooperation by providing us your name, address and updated e- mail address. You can provide this information on the Osceola County website noted above.

    Thank You!


    Neal Kaplan, President

    Alan Jones, Secretary / Treasurer

    Samuel Geffen, Supervisor