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Indian Creek CFD - April 2017 Newsletter

Published on: Apr 6, 2017

Dear Indian Creek Home Owner:

We, as the elected supervisors of the Indian Creek Common Facilities District, are providing all homeowners in Indian Creek with this update to share information on recently completed projects as well as our future improvement plans. We will also try to address some of the questions you have asked since the last meeting.

The supervisors of Indian Creek are elected to 4 year terms by the registered voters of Osceola County that reside in Indian Creek. The board of supervisors is responsible for the maintenance of the common areas within Indian Creek. The board is composed of 3 supervisors: Neal Kaplan, President; Alan Jones, Secretary/Treasurer; and Samuel Geffen, Supervisor.

Indian Creek is now over 15 years old. The common areas will need more than normal everyday maintenance. We are working hard to identify projects that will improve what we have and stay within our budget constraints. We welcome any comments or suggestions you might have.

Recently completed projects:

  1. Benches have been installed in the new sitting area in the Oasis and they have been getting much use.
  2. New HD cameras have been installed at the front entrance, and the Osceola sheriff has direct access to the stored information.
  3. The median strip at the front entrance has been replanted and looks great.
  4. We completed a successful test of “Wet and Forget” mold /mildew control on the walkways in the Oasis. We will expand the use of this product to control black mold in other areas.

You can view all future projects list on our website. We welcome your input and will consider all suggestions.

We have received many inquiries about trash control and collection. While the CFD is not responsible for trash collection, it is an ongoing issue and we provide the following schedule as a service to the homeowners. We have 3 different waste pick-up every week. The pick-up time varies depending on circumstances and volume. Holidays usually do not change the schedule.

Monday: Household waste. All waste must be bagged and placed in covered bins. Do not put plastic bags on the ground as they will immediately be attacked by vultures. TV’s and other electronic cannot go in the trash.

Wednesday: Yard waste. All yard waste must be in barrels or be tied in bundles that are easily moved by one person. They will not pick up loose branches. They will not take construction debris.

Friday: Recycling. Recycle items only must be co-mingled loose (no trash bags) in the big green recycle bin provided by the county. They will not empty any other type of container.

We recently have had several complaints about oversized vehicles (RVS and buses) parking within the community. The CFD does not have control of this type of situation, unless it occurs in a common area. This practice is expressly forbidden in every homeowner’s deed. Paragraph 6 of your deed restrictions states, in part, “no truck larger than two tons(2) in total weight, trailer, boat or similar vehicle shall be stored, kept or parked contiguous to, or on or about any lot”. If you feel there is abuse of this restriction you can contact Osceola County code enforcement at 407-742-0308 and they will investigate.

The Indian Creek Common Facilities District Board of Supervisors approved that there would be no increase in the Indian Creek CFD assessment rate for the Fiscal Year 2017/2018 budget. The rate will remain at $400 per residential unit. We have had a small budget surplus in the past 3 years while maintaining the common areas in good condition and making the improvements previously mentioned.

The Indian Creek Common Facilities District adopts a meeting schedule at the first meeting of the new Fiscal year. All meetings are held at the Osceola County Administration building at, 1 Courthouse Square, Suite 2105 approximately once every 3 months. The purpose of these meetings is to plan for the upkeep of the community and identify projects to enhance conditions.

We are interested in your ideas for improvements as well as your concerns regarding the common areas. We encourage you to attend the quarterly meetings. All information about our Common Facilities District is available on our website:

Many of you provided your e-mail information in response to our request in the last e-mail, THANK YOU. We are still missing quite a few and would like to avoid using the U.S. postal mail service for future newsletters. Please help us by going into the CFD website to register your email, in order to receive future newsletters.

Thank You!


Neal Kaplan, President

Alan Jones, Secretary / Treasurer

Samuel Geffen, Supervisor