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Crescent Lakes CFD

The Crescent Lakes Common Facilities District (CFD) was established and adopted by the Osceola County Board of County Commissioner on April 21, 2008 as a dependent district of Osceola County pursuant to Sections 125.01 and 125.66, Florida Statutes. Crescent Lakes CFD was created for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, operating and maintaining Common Facilities, and providing Security Service within the District.

The Crescent Lakes CFD is governed by a three-member Board of Supervisors pursuant to Section 189.041, Florida Statutes. All Board Members are required to complete a State of Florida Financial Disclosure Form. The disclosure form is sent directly to the Supervisor from the State Commission on Ethics. For more information on the financial disclosure, go to the Florida Commission on Ethics website at and select “Ethics Laws”. The Board must also comply with the Sunshine Law. Additional information on the Sunshine Law can be obtained from the Florida Attorney General’s website at:

Special Assessments are collected through the yearly real-estate tax bill, pursuant to Sections 197.3632 and 197.3635, Florida Statutes. Special Assessments are collected for a Fiscal Year. The Fiscal Year begins on October 1 and ends on the following September 30. Below are the current Special Assessment Rates:

FY/2018-2019 RATES ADOPTED ON May 31, 2018

Other (Non-gated)

Rate per Residential Unit



Aster Cove (Gated)

Rate per Residential Unit



Total Number of Assessed Units


Total Assessment Amount to Be Collected


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