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Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion (COC) can be issued after final inspection for structures where there is no occupancy. There is no cost for a Certificate of Completion. 

A Certificate of Completion can be issued for the following permit types:

  • shell buildings
  • vanilla shells
  • construction trailers
  • additions
  • demolitions
  • detached garages
  • exterior doors
  • fences
  • pools
  • sheds
  • screen rooms
  • vinyl siding
  • window replacements.

Many of these permits are routed to other departments to ensure that their final requirements are met. Upon final approval by all departments, the project is given a FINAL status and a Certificate of Completion can be obtained. Once a COC is issued, it can be downloaded from the Osceola County Permit Center.

Certificate of Occupancy

The building official will issue you a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) after the building or structure has received a final inspection and no violations are found to the provisions of the building codes, life safety and applicable laws. Read the requirements necessary to receive a Residential or Commercial CO.