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Common Code Violations

In this section you will find definitive ordinance information for some of the most common code violations.

Ordinance #00-32

Chapter 14, Section 14.30 (A-C)

Only minor repair may be performed on private vehicles registered to the property the repair is being performed at.

Ordinance #99-47

Chapter 23, Article II, Section 23-28

No abandoned, in-operable and/or discarded vehicles or parts thereof shall be parked, stored, or left upon private property located within the un-incorporated limits of Osceola County

Ordinance #99-19

Chapter 23, Article I, Section 23-3

No owner, agent, custodian, lessee, or occupant of land shall keep, store, accumulate, or allow to be kept any junk, trash, or garbage on property.

Ordinance #99-48

Chapter 23, Article III, Section 23-55

Definition: Large vehicle means any vehicle with a Gross Vehicular Weight (GVW) exceeding 15,000 pounds.

Chapter 9, Article V, Section 9-132

It is unlawful, and prohibited for any person to suffer, cause, or permit the existence of noxious, uncultivated, or rank weeds, grasses, or undergrowth (other than undisturbed palmetto, cabbage palm and/or woody native vegetation) to exceed 18 inches in height upon a substantial portion of any unimproved lot or 12 inches in height upon a substantial portion of any improved lot.

Ordinance #94-14

Chapter 9, Article IV, Section 9-110

Noise means any sound which annoys or disturbs humans or which causes or tends to cause an adverse psychological or physiological effect on humans. Noise disturbance means any sound in quantities which are, or may be potentially harmful or injurious to human health or welfare, animal life or property, or unnecessarily interferes with the enjoyment of life or property, including outdoor recreation, of a reasonable person with normal sensitivities

Ordinance #00-32

Chapter 15, Section 15.4

The purpose of sign regulations is to permit such signs that will protect values, enhance the character of the county, protect the public safety and welfare, and support and complement land use objectives while still permitting reasonable identification and advertising by professional, commercial, and industrial establishments.

Ordinance #95-10

Chapter 13, Article III, Section 13-26

No one shall engage in or manage any business , profession or occupation within Osceola County, for which an occupational license is required by this ordinance, unless an appropriate County occupational license shall have been procured from the Tax Collector, or unless such business, profession or occupation is exempt pursuant to the County Ordinance or law. The license shall be issued to each person upon receipt by the Tax Collector of the appropriate license tax.

Ordinance #00-32

Chapter 18, Section 18.15 (2-A)

It is unlawful for any person to make any commercial use of the right-of-way of any county road, including appendages thereto, and also including, but not limited to, rest areas, wayside parks, boat-launching ramps, weigh stations and scenic easement, such as solicitation and roadside vending

Ordinance #4-47, Section 8

All principal buildings shall have the assigned building number properly displayed, whether or not mail is delivered to such building. Numbers need not to be displayed on accessory buildings. Physical numbering shall conform to the following standards:

  • Numbers must be clearly visible and legible from the public or private way on which the building fronts with Arabic numerals not less than three (3) inches in height and one-half inch in width for commercial building.
  • Numbers must be in color contrasting to the building background.
  • Where applicable, easily legible numbers shall also be affixed to the mailbox serving the building or house.
  • Assigned numbers shall be displayed on the front entrance of each principal building and, in the case of a principal building which is occupied by more than one (1) business or family dwelling unit, on each separate front entrance.
  • Any different numbers which might be mistaken for or confused with the number assigned in accordance with the numbering system shall be removed upon proper display of the assigned number.

Ordinance #91-3

Chapter 13, Section 13-137

No person shall operate, suffer, or permit a taxicab or limousine or other vehicle for hire that is controlled by him to be operated as a vehicle for hire within unincorporated Osceola County with out first having obtained a vehicle for hire permit from the county administrator.

Vehicle for Hire permit is a license, one (1) per vehicle, which is granted by the county for a person, corporation, or other entity to own and operate a vehicle for hire within unincorporated Osceola County.

Each vehicle permitted shall be inspected at the time of initial application and annually each year thereafter as a continuing condition of the permit.