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Administration Building - Community Development Department
M-Th: 7:30AM - 5:00PM; Fri: 9:00AM-5:00PM
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Land Management Pre Construction Meeting

Prior to Construction:

  1. Apply for a Land Clearing Permit.
  2. Install silt fence around borders of the property, on slopes greater than 3:1, and around any wetland areas to be saved.
  3. Place protective tree barriers at the dripline of trees to remain. No mechanical clearing, parking or storage of materials shall be done within this area. The barrier will need to remain intact for the duration of construction. Periodic inspections will occur and fines will be assessed if not in compliance.
  4. Call for an inspection prior to clearing at (407) 742-0200.

During Construction:

  1. Courtesy inspections are available.
  2. Construction noise must be limited to 7 a.m. – Sunset by order of the County Noise Ordinance. This includes hauling and concrete pours!! They shall arrive on site within the aforementioned time frame. It is the contractor's responsibility to inform all subcontractors and builder of the lawful start time. Fines will be assessed and citations issued if a violation occurs.
  3. Plant material substitutions and plan alterations must be submitted prior to final inspection. They are subject to approval.
  4. Call for inspections a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Landscape inspections are part of your building permit; however they are not on the automated system.


  1. Check quality of landscape installation prior to the final for minimum C.O. delays. (e.g. caliper sizes are correct, planted at ground level).
  2. All trees need to be planted at least 10 feet from overhead utility lines! If this conflicts with your plan, please contact the Growth Management Division at: (407) 742-0200.