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Emergency Management

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Our mission is to reduce the loss of life and property and protect the people of Osceola County through a comprehensive, all hazards emergency management system of prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

Learn about the Osceola County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, approved by the Board of County Commissioners in May 2021, here..

Message from the Director

Welcome to your Osceola County, Florida Emergency Management Website. As the Director of Emergency Management for Osceola County, I have the privilege and responsibility to work with Emergency Management staff and many great partners across the county and the state to develop and maintain a world-class emergency management program for Osceola County.

The concept for handling all disasters, both natural and manmade and their consequences is called Comprehensive Emergency Management. Osceola County has built a robust Comprehensive Emergency Management Program over the years, and the program continues to evolve as the demographics and dynamics of our community and the threats that we face evolve.

The goal of Emergency Management is to save lives, prevent injuries, and to protect property and the environment if an emergency occurs. Our mission includes the development and coordination of the County's whole community approach to Emergency Management, enabling effective preparation for efficient response and recovery from all hazards that face our community in order to save lives, reduce human suffering and economic loss. To accomplish this, the Office of Emergency Management:

  • Develops plans and procedures to ensure the highest levels of mitigation, planning, preparedness, response and recovery
  • Organizes staff, communities, volunteers and business efforts prior to, during and after a disaster. Equips first responders and community response teams with tools and equipment that may be needed to respond to and recover from a disaster
  • Maintains a comprehensive, risk-based, multi-hazard emergency management training program
  • Conducts a variety of exercises designed to evaluate and improve the county and our partner’s ability to respond and recover from a disaster

Emergency Management planning begins with you and your family, starting at home, preparing for all types of disasters. I encourage residents to follow these steps in preparing for a disaster

  • Plan Ahead – Know what types of disasters could affect our county. Establish a family communication plan.  What is my evacuation and shelter plan?
  • Build a Kit – Be prepared for at least 7 daysof  food, water, medications for your family.
  • Stay informed – Sign-up for our Alert Osceola reverse 911 and emergency text/email system at This notification is used for major emergencies, boil water notices, and other public safety alerts.
  • Take Action – Learn First Aid, Connect with a volunteer organization to assist after a disaster.

On this site you will find many useful links and information that explain how you can become better prepared in case of a disaster, be it an act of nature or a man-made incident. Please use the information provided to come up with a plan for yourself and your family.

If you have any questions or concerns that are not answered on this website please feel free to contact me at or 407-742-9000.

Thank you.
Bill Litton, FPEM, CEM
Osceola County Office of Emergency Management

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